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17 Nov, 2015

Calls The View cast ‘mean’

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Leakes appears on The View, where Behar says she was injured by her jewelry. Behar then asks Leakes about reuniting with her husband:

I love companionship, love being married…[I] had to teach him a lesson — never to cross me.

Behar also questions her friendship with Donald Trump.

I didn’t say I was voting for him, honey, I said I liked him.

Afterwards she tweets:

Just sat down with a bunch of mean girls turning up their noses, looking u up & down as if u don’t belong

She deletes the tweet shortly after.

10 Sep, 2015

Fiorina comments ‘about persona’

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In a call to The View, Trump says his comments in Rolling Stone about Carly Fiorina were about her persona.

Look, I’m talking about her persona. She failed miserably at Hewlett Packard and ran for the Senate and lost in a landslide and now running for president. I’m talking about her persona.

Later, to CNN, he calls her “one of the worst (CEOs) ever”.

15 Dec, 2014

The View interview

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Goldberg speaks with Johnson regarding Cosby’s rape allegations and her memory of meeting with him at his home:

So I went to the brownstone and we had a little light um dinner downstairs and then when you go upstairs into the living quarters, um its a huge cappuccino contraption on the bar there and he said I want you to act like you were a drunk woman….

22 Nov, 2014

Speaks out Cosby rape allegations

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Host O’Donnell speaks out regarding Cosby’s rape allegations:

There are lots of allegations starting in 1969. There are many, many, many, and it’s very hard, I think, for any of us to discuss Cosby in this context. Because he is the beloved father image, the benevolent father that we as a society hold in some way. Even for, you know, anyone who has been the victim of sexual abuse to believe that somebody that you love or know could do that is a very difficult thing.

Rosie O'Donnell INTIMIDATES Her "VIEW" Co-Hosts During HEATED Bill Cosby Debate!!

17 Nov, 2014

Skeptical of rape accuser

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Goldberg expresses her thoughts regarding Cosby’s rape allegations, past settlements and the 13 rape victims.

Quite honestly I am sorry having been on both sides of this where people allege  that you do something doesn’t matter now. I have a lot of questions for the lady, maybe she will come on.

4 Sep, 2014

Join The View


Perez and Wallace join The View alongside moderator Whoopie Goldberg and co-host Rosie O’Donnell. Perez:

I am beyond thrilled, honored and completely surprised that I’ve been asked to join The View.

10 Jul, 2014

CBS: O’Donnell joins The View


Seven years after leaving the show, O’Donnell is coming back to The View. Executives for the network revealed the news on Twitter.

Speculation about O’Donnell’s return began after McCarthy and Shepherd announced their departures from the show.

9 Jul, 2014

Hasselbeck against O’Donnell


Hasselbeck sounds off on news that former co-host O’Donnell is set to rejoin The View.

Here in comes to The View the very woman who spit in the face of our military, spit in the face of her own network, and really in the face of a person who stood by her and had civilized debates for the time that she was there, coming back with a bunch of control ready to regain a seat at the View table.

O’Donnell first joined the show in 2006 and during her year-long tenure, she and Hasselbeck fought constantly about politics.

8 Jul, 2014

Returns to The View


TMZ reports O’Donnell signs a deal to be a host on The View along with Whoopie Goldberg.  She hosted from 2006-2007 and returns for season 18. Reps for the show say there is no announcement yet.:

As we have said previously, The View will be moving in an exciting new direction next season and ABC has made decisions to evolve the show creatively but at this time, we have no announcement to make and we are weeks away from making any type of announcement about anything pertaining to the show.

27 Jun, 2014

Quits The View


Shortly after news broke that Shepherd is leaving McCarthy announces her exit.

My View will be changing too. As will with many hard working folks. Thanks to everyone at the show for your dedication and an amazing year.

McCarthy also expressed support for her co-star Shepherd.

Leaving The View


After seven years with the talk show, Sherri Shepherd reveals she’s leaving The View.

It’s been seven wonderful years on The View and after careful consideration it is time for me to move on. I am extremely grateful to Barbara Walters and Bill Gedde for giving me the opportunity. I look forward to the business opportunities that lay ahead for me and I am incredibly grateful to my View family and my fans for supporting me on this journey.

19 Apr, 2014

The View appearance

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Williams guest stars on the view and talks about raising a teenage son, her success and new book.

What I discovered this weekend is that my son doesn’t like me anymore. You know how it is, I know what it is. I don’t have my period. I’ve discovered this a while ago but the ball just got smacked home this weekend. He’s all into his father, you know how 13 year olds are, I was the same way when I was thirteen but it is breaking my heart. He says things to me like ‘Why are you so pissed? but he’ll say why are you so pissed? Like I’m pissed all the time, like I’m the one with the problem. He’s the one who’s thirteen and I get it and I know that this phase only last for four years or something like that, but it is breaking my heart.


13 Jun, 2012

The View appearance


Wallenda talks to The View before his Niagara Falls walk. Goldberg:

It wasn’t like you weren’t going to go into the tightrope-walking business


That’s absolutely right, no pressure at all, right? I started walking a wire at the age of two

Nik Wallenda on The View June 12 2012