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The View appearance

19 Apr, 2014

Williams guest stars on the view and talks about raising a teenage son, her success and new book.

What I discovered this weekend is that my son doesn’t like me anymore. You know how it is, I know what it is. I don’t have my period. I’ve discovered this a while ago but the ball just got smacked home this weekend. He’s all into his father, you know how 13 year olds are, I was the same way when I was thirteen but it is breaking my heart. He says things to me like ‘Why are you so pissed? but he’ll say why are you so pissed? Like I’m pissed all the time, like I’m the one with the problem. He’s the one who’s thirteen and I get it and I know that this phase only last for four years or something like that, but it is breaking my heart.

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