Jesse BiterRick Santorum

Chairs Rick Santorum’s Florida campaign

15 Jan, 2012

Presidential candidate Rick Santorum picks the 35-year-old Sarasota entrepreneur to be the chairman of his campaign in Florida. This is the first time Biter has committed himself so deeply to any candidate:

After I heard him speak in Sarasota, I felt I had to get involved

Biter says Santorum’s pro-family and socially conservative perspective fits perfectly with his views and he has become one of Santorum’s top fund-raisers in Florida.

Being the Florida campaign manager for Rick Santorum was an amazing experience. First of all, I learned how someone can be and how the press can portray somebody completely different. To watch someone speak for an hour and a half and give great ideas and great ways to change the country through everyone’s lives from the richest to the poorest. And then for the newspaper to write, “Rick Santorum hates gays.” WHAT? It was just amazing how they twisted things. To really be a close part of a national campaign, to see how it was run, was very exciting.

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