Jesse Biter

Installs “green roof” on condo

20 Nov, 2008

Biter installs a grass lawn on his condo roof. The 5,200 sq ft apartment, which was bought in 2007 for $3.8 million, has 2200 sq ft of outdoor space.

Covered with hardy zoysia sod, the rooftop lawn will cool the rooms below it, extend the life of the roof system, reduce and filter stormwater runoff, absorb carbon dioxide and provide a play space for Biter’s young daughters and dog.

I’m going old school. I’m getting one of the old push mowers with the razor blades that spin around. I don’t mind doing it. It will take 10 minutes twice a month; no big deal.

The green roof costs about $30,000, or $2,000 for each 100-square-foot section of roof.

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