Jesse BiterInterview

SRQ interview

Mar 2015

In an interview with a Sarasota magazine, Biter recounts influences in his life:

I can’t begin to describe how I’ve been shaped by my parents. They are the biggest influences. They have done the most for me and gave me a work ethic by never letting me get away with anything. They held me accountable but never micro-managed my life. They set boundaries that were pretty broad, and, as long as I operated within their rules, had the opportunity to learn and to fail and to try again in life.

His heroes:

Bill Gates and Michael Dell are heroes of mine. Watching what other successful people do is important, but I was always more impressed with people who came from nothing. I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon, and there was not anyone in my family with real business experience, but I knew I wanted more for myself. To see people come from middle-class families and become super successful, that was my goal, and these men were whom I wanted to replicate.

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