Jessica LivingstonGives Talk

Female Founders Conference 2014

1 Mar, 2014

Y Combinator holds its first ever Female Founders Conference at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. In her opening remarks, Livingston says that the sold-out gathering is “the most over-subscribed event” in their history.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in five years, we feel like 2014 was the tipping point for female founders.

She shares some basic advice that she likes to share with all start-up founders: the importance of having determination, empathy, living frugally at the start, and focus. She then goes on to spell out some key pieces of advice for female founders in particular: Having children and starting a business is hard — but possible; It’s OK to be the ‘quiet cofounder’; Learn how to code — and don’t be afraid to start up with a spouse or personal partner.

Don’t feel like there’s anything weird about starting a startup with your significant other. We have significant evidence it works.

Jessica Livingston at Female Founders Conference 2014

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