Jessica LivingstonBook

Founders At Work

25 Jan, 2007

jessica-livingston-founders-at-workLivingston publishes the collection of interviews with 32 startup founders. She says she has always liked writing, and wanted to write something that ‘gets to the heart’ of the experiences that startup founders had.

I hear these stories that they talk about, or the other people they knew who had done startups, that seem so crazy to me. Stories about how they sort of lied, not lied to investors, but pretended to look much more advanced that they were. When really they had one computer and they stole people’s monitors and put them on the desk so it would look like they had more. This was crazy, no one knows about this. And I was working at this tech, this emerging growth investment bank and I thought I should kind of know about this stuff….I sort of based on the concept of Paris reviews writers, it worked and talked about how did you it.

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