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YC Founders at Work: Posterous


Livingston interviews Tan and Agarwal, founders of Posterous. Asked about how close their original version was to the current version of the site.

It’s actually pretty close. Sergei and I have always been bloggers. The two of us since high school, have always had a personal website that has our thoughts and photos…We were using all these tools. I was using Blogger and Xanga, and we were really frustrated with the tools we were using.. And they were really text based. The idea was that blogging meant having to type out a whole lot of text. Nobody wants to type out text, nobody wants to read it — it’s really boring. We wanted to share photos. Now how do you put photos on the web? Now have to use Flickr, and now I want to share videos — I have to use YouTube. And there really wasn’t a solution to get rich media onto the web…And between all of that email was the unifying protocol that made a lot of sense…The initial prototype was: I want to send an email and I want it to appear on my blog.  The first 20 lines of code written were to post from email.

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