Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith1 post
18 Jun, 2014

Shape Magazine interview


Smith talks to Shape Magazine about her exercise and supplement routine.

I’ve been taking SeroDyne from Limitless Worldwide. It’s a supplement I feel gives me an edge when I compete. It also helps me get through my rigorous workouts and recovery. I do weight and cardio training and in our lifting sessions we do a lot of high-rep sets with heavy weights. Then we decrease the number of reps, but increase the weight as we go. When using SeroDyne, I feel like it’s easier to get through my repetitions and increase my weights throughout each cycle. Plus I’ve seen a huge difference in my recovery. I can lift weights one day and recover quickly enough to complete the next day. It’s hard to find a product where you actually feel you are getting results, but with SeroDyne, I noticed a difference right away.

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