Jill Kelley

Kelley defends herself

28 Nov, 2012

Kelley’s legal team alleges that “government sources” are responsible for the leaks to the media about her personal life, starting with her name. A letter from Kelley’s lawyer obtained by CNN asks whether the Department of Justice is investigating these alleged leaks, which Kelley’s attorney Abbe Lowell refers to as potential violations of the Privacy Act.

Lowell is also filing a complaint with the Attorney Consumer Assistance Program in Florida against a lawyer who once represented Kelley alleging attorney-client privilege may have been violated by holding a press conference to discuss his relationship with (Kelley) and other members of her family without Kelley’s knowledge or permission.

Another letter went to Adam Victor. It warned Victor that some of his public statements about Kelley were false and may constitute defamation. When contacted, Victor asserted that all of his public statements about Kelley were accurate. “One hundred percent of what I said was the truth,” Victor said.

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Jill Kelley

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