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John McAfeeWrites Article

‘Cyber war more dangerous than nuclear devastation’

11 Sep, 2015

In an editorial for International Business Times McAfee outlines the “vector of his foreign policy.

The United States government, like much of the Western developed world governments, has lost touch with the technology upon which the power, as well as the threats to national security within our government, rests. That technology is the science of cyber engineering, and the cyber-security aspects of this science have been developed into the weapons that will be used as the main offensive means of destruction in the upcoming new age of warfare. The next major war will not be fought with guns, ships and missiles. It will a cyber war with far more devastation than could possibly be achieved by our combined nuclear arsenals. Or if conventional weapons are used, they are likely to be our own turned against ourselves…we must also see cyber attacks from foreign governments for what they are – acts of war – and respond accordingly.

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