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Says he will be executed by police

16 Nov, 2012

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph McAfee explains why he refuses to turn himself in to Belize authorities:

I think I will be summarily executed. I know the prime minister laughs at this. He’s a clever and charismatic person. The constitution has been ridden away with. They can make up some excuse for removing me. This is the way it is in this country…My plan is a day-to-day plan, simply to avoid detection.

McAfee is in hiding with a woman and admitted that he has a disguise. He follows the latest news of the search for him sporadically.

I wish I had a TV, that would be very informative. I’m keeping tabs through friends. I have intermittent access to the internet, again through friends.

McAfee does not stay on the phone with The Telegraph for long because he fears that the call could be traced to his current location. He says he is innocent of Faull’s death, asserting that he was at his villa the night of the murder.

I was at home. I heard nothing. I knew nothing until the following day.

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