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Will not give himself up, offers $25,000 reward

18 Nov, 2012

In an phone call with NBC Dateline correspondent Morrison, McAfee offers a BZE$25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible for Faull’s murder. He also claims he is at his home on the island, and not in hiding. Morrison says that McAfee continues to have no faith in the Belize Police Department, even when he is being offered to turn himself in with his attorney and television cameras. Morrison:

One of the claims he [McAfee] is making, and I challenged him on a good many of those claims, is that he does not have any intention of giving himself up, not now not ever. He is fixated on the notion that the police and the political establishment of the police are unbelievably corrupted and there is nothing he can do except stay in hiding.

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