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7 Dec, 2007

Esquire interview


Depp talks about working on the set of the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:

We were doing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and I was on the set. We were shooting, working, working, working. All great. Everything’s cool. One of my pals comes up and says, Helena [Bonham Carter, Burton’s partner] just called. When you get a moment, she’d like you to give her a call back. Okay, I say. As soon as I’m done on set, I’ll go back to my trailer and give her a call. So I go back to the trailer, call Helena, and say, Hey, what’s going on? I thought maybe Helena had a question about little boys because Billy was a little baby then and I’ve got two kids. So I say, Is everything all right? And she says, Billy’s fine. Everything’s fine. But, well, you know how Tim is.

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