Johnny Depp


4 Mar, 2011

In this animated action comedy directed by Gore Verbinski, Depp voices Rango, a regular house-chameleon who is involved in an accident and finds himself alone in the desert.  He stumbles upon a town of animals who are living in the grips of a tyrant. Rango finds himself stepping up to be “that guy” just like the classic western cowboy would to save the day. Co-starring Isla Fisher, Ned Beatty and Timothy Olyphant.

They actually call me the Lizard King, my children, they do. I force them to address me like that. [laughs] It was an odd sort of thing. ‘Where you going, Daddy?’ I gotta go to work. ‘Well, what are you doing?’ Well, I’m playing a lizard. You drop your kids off at school and give them a kiss, and now I gotta go be a lizard.

'Rango' Trailer HD

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