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Bad Medicine


The band releases, Bad Medicine, from, New Jersey. For the song’s music video, Bon Jovi gives 250 fans hand held cameras and film and tells them to shoot the band in concert the way they see them:

We told them to film whatever they wanted and, if it was good, we’d use it in the video, and take the ten people who’d shot the best stuff on the road with us in California this year, they could come along with us in the jet and be like a member of the band.
I was hoping they’d goof off a bit more, that they’d take the cameras out in the hallways and film their shoes, go film anything they wanted plus the stage. These kids turned up with their own lights, trusses, tripods, assistants and all that s--t, ‘cos they all wanted to be the ones that go on the road with us.

Bon Jovi - Bad Medicine

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