Joseph Gordon-LevittFilm Appearance


16 Jul, 2010

Gordon-Levitt stars in this big-budget science-fiction thriller film directed by Christopher Nolan. He plays the role of Arthur, the right hand man and partner of professional thief Dom Cobb played by actor Leonardo DiCaprio. While Cobb leads missions in stealing corporate secrets from the minds of executives as they sleep, it is Arthur’s job to apply his vision and make sure that the plans work without a hitch. The actor is joined by Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, and Ken Watanabe. On his character:

He’s the organized one. I think Cobb is sort of like the artist and I consider Arthur sort of like the producer. He the one that’s saying, “Okay, you have your vision, I’m going to figure out how you can do you thing and make the nuts and bolts underneath it work.”

Inception - Official Trailer [HD]

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