Joseph Gordon-LevittFilm Appearance

The Wind Rises

20 Jul, 2013

Gordon-Levitt lends his voice to the English-language version of Hayao Miyazaki’s Japanese animated WWII drama. He voices the lead role of Jiro Horikoshi, a talented engineer who designs and builds airplanes for a living. He is conflicted by his passion for his job and the use of his aircraft in war. Stanley Tucci voices Jiro’s mentor, Caproni, and Emily Blunt voices his love interest, Naoko.

I love really good movies and Miyazaki is clearly one of the living masters of filmmaking. I’ve been fan of his movies for a number of years, and so when I got the call that I had the opportunity to do a voice in the English version, I jumped at the chance.

The Wind Rises - Official Trailer

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