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Jail interview

5 Jul, 2015

In a jail interview Lopez admits he shot Steinle, but says the weapon — which he said he found lying on the ground wrapped in a T-shirt — went off by accident when he picked it up. At another points he says he could not recall details of the shooting because he’d taken sleeping medication. When asked where he got the gun:

In the ground. When the… when the… over there in the bench, um, um, I put my leg and I see the one T-shirt and then see over there something like that…Then suddenly I heard that boom boom, three times.

He says he returned to the United States after he was deported to find work in restaurants, or roofing, landscaping, and construction, and that he has worked on ranches in Arizona and helped stock stores in Portland, Oregon. He says he came to San Francisco because there were more opportunities and because officials there would not deport him. He also says he does not have a lawyer and plans to say he is guilty in court.

I want the courts to punish me as is deserved and for this to end as soon as possible.

San Francisco Pier 14 Shooting Suspect FULL Confession, Francisco Sanchez

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