Katy Perry

One of The Boys

1 Jan, 1970

Katy_Perry_-_One_of_the_BoysPerry releases her second full-length studio album One of The Boys. The 12 track record features Perry’s number one single I Kissed a Girl as well as singles Hot n Cold and Waking Up In Vegas. All tracks are written by Perry with collaborations from Greg Wells, Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard.

It’s been a long and winding road that started about five years ago. I came from Santa Barbara to Los Angeles. A fantastic producer named Glen Ballard brought me out here and kind of looked after me. And then I started this thing, where I was signed and dropped, signed and dropped by a couple of labels. Then one day, Capitol Records picked me up and decided they wanted to make a Pretty Woman story out of me, without the prostitution.

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