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Keith Urban interview

5 Sep, 2014

Seacrest interviews Keith Urban during On Air With Ryan Seacrest and questions him about how he found out he was nominated for four Country Music Awards.

I was dropping both of my kids at two separate schools and my phone started blowing up crazy early in the morning, I must have got 15 texts in the space of about a minute. It’s crazy, it was just a beautiful morning. In our world, that’s a big thing. My wife, she was ecstatic, but she was in London. She’s over there for the premiere of this film, Before I Go to Sleep. I always chuckle because Colin Firth is in this film and I made the mistake one time of telling people, ‘Yeah, she’s in this film Before I Go to Sleep With Colin Firth.’ Punctuation is everything. Everybody wanted to see that film.

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