Kenny ChesneySingle Release

Out Last Night

6 Apr, 2009

Chesney releases the single, Out Last Night, from his album, Greatest Hits Volume 2. Chesney:

I think people have so much heavy stuff to deal with. You can get so lost in all of that, that you miss the little things that make life worth living. And I believe we have a choice: we can drown in the bad stuff, or we can figure out how to laugh a little bit. Sometimes it’s as simple as just hanging out with your buddies somewhere. That’s what the song is about. Not anything more than just that… and yet, when things are bad, talking about sports, flirting with the girls, not doing much of anything can sure make you feel a whole lot better for a little while – and that can make everything a whole easier to shoulder.

Kenny Chesney - Out Last Night

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