Kenny ChesneySingle Release


28 Sep, 2010

Chesney releases the single, Reality, from his album, Hemingway’s Whiskey.

So I’d go to the dentist to have something done and they’d put that gas mask on me and I’d be like, ‘Wow, that’s as relaxed as I’ve been in years!’ I thought to myself, ‘This is why people smoke pot right here! This is it!’ I don’t smoke pot, but this is why people do it, I guarantee you. Because it gets them away from reality. I even asked my dentist, ‘I just want to come over here and sit some time, can you guys do that?’ He said, ‘We can’t do that, we’d get in trouble.

I swear, I started writing that song on the way home. But then I related it to everybody that comes to see us. That’s what live music is. It’s an escape from reality. That’s why as a kid I loved it. I still love going to shows, I love live music. That’s where I got the idea to write the song, it’s my message to the fans that it’s OK to break free and escape reality, with us.

Kenny Chesney - Reality

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