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On Air interview

2 Mar, 2015

Seacrest interviews Bacon during On Air with Ryan Seacrest about his television series The Following. 

Joe Carol (James Purefoy) is on death row, and the question for this season because there are some new threats is whether or not he is actually orchestrating this in some kind of a way, or maybe it’s just the tip of the iceberg. And there is a bigger or scarier presence than even him…About mid-way through the season, we got a fantastic actor Michael Ealy who comes on and does a really, really great job. He’s a new big bad and he is very, very different than Joe a very different kind of presence, but just equally as scarier. There’s a lot of really interesting killers this year. It is a frightening show and that’s what people want and expect from the show, and we’re definitely going to deliver that this year. I think there are things this year that are scarier than anything we’ve done.

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