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23 Apr, 2015

Cavaliers 103-95 Celtics Game 3

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The Cavaliers win 103-95. James scores a double-double (31 points and 11 rebounds), Love scores 23 points, Smith scores 15 points. Turner scores 19 points and Bradley scores 18 points for the Celtics. Cleveland leads East First Round series 3-0.

Coach Blatt on Smith’s performance:

He didn’t necessarily have to after scoring 30 points in Game 2. But he wanted to be with his teammate.

James on teammate Smith:

We were together last night watching playoff games. He said he wanted to go early and I said, ‘Let’s go’.

Coach Stevens:

You want to make sure that we play as well as possible for however many games we have left.

26 Mar, 2015

Cavaliers 111 – 89 Grizzlies

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The Cavaliers wins 111-89 Grizzlies. Love has 20 points and 10 rebounds, James scores 20 points. Coach Blatt:

We came to play. We were focused on having a defensive presence in the first quarter, and I thought we had that right from the get go


Everyone really stepped up in the third quarter. So it was really, really good basketball.


We obviously know how great they are defensively, especially in this building. For us to move the ball and share the ball like we did in the facet that we did was very impressive.

11 Feb, 2012

Knicks 100-98 Timberwolves

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Lin leads the Knicks to a victory against the Timberwolves, extending their win-streak to five. Lin has 20 points, 6 rebounds, and 8 assists. For the Timberwolves, Love leads the team with 32 points and 21 rebounds. Lin:

It was an ugly one, it was a gutsy one, it was a road win, everybody was tired. That’s the beauty of basketball. That’s the beauty of our time. We never gave up.