Kirstie AlleyMagazine Cover

People cover

18 May, 2009

alleyAlley appears on the cover of People after gaining 83 pounds. Alley explains how she gained all the weight and what she plans on doing to lose it.

About 8 to 10 months after ending Jenny Craig, I had definitely succumbed. By then I was distraught. You loathe yourself. You hate what you’ve done to yourself. The first time I got really fat, it was a very different ride. I was having fun, baking cookies and spending a lot of time in Maine being supermom. That was not this occasion. This time I would say it had a darker side. Because there was a lot of self-hatred that was magnified because I’d let so many people down. All I thought was, ‘I’ve let all these people down and I’m humiliated’.

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