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8 Apr, 2012

The Night Lands


Harington appears as Jon Snow in the second episode of the second season of Game of Thrones, The Night Lands. John Bradley-West plays his companion, the Night’s Watchman Samwell ‘Sam’ Tarly. North of the Wall of Westeros, the Night’s Watch shelter at the homestead of the tribal ‘wildling’ Craster. Samwell rescues one of Craster’s daughter-wives, Gilly, played by Hannah Murray, when Jon’s direwolf frightens her. Gilly asks Sam to help her escape, as she is worried by what Craster will do to her unborn child if it is a boy. Jon refuses to help, as Craster has warned the Night’s Watchmen not to interfere with his wives. At night, Jon notices Craster taking a baby boy into the woods. He follows, and sees Craster leave the baby in the snow, apparently as an offering to the undead White Walker creatures. Before Jon can intervene, Craster attacks him from behind, knocking him unconscious.

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