Kit Harington

What Is Dead May Never Die

15 Apr, 2012

Harington appears as Jon Snow in the third episode of the second season of Game of Thrones, What Is Dead May Never Die. James Cosmo plays the Night’s Watch Lord Commander, Jeor Mormont. Robert Pugh plays Craster, a ‘wildling’ human from north of the Wall of Westeros. At Craster’s fortified homestead, Craster has beaten Jon unconscious after Jon witnessed him leaving a baby boy in the snow, as an offering to the undead creatures that roam north of the Wall. Craster orders the Night’s Watch out of his keep due to Jon’s actions. Jeor questions Jon, who says that he saw a creature take the baby. Jon realizes that Jeor is aware of Craster’s human sacrifices, but that he will not intervene as Craster is a valuable source of information and shelter for the Night’s Watch. He is horrified by the revelation.

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Kit Harington

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