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16 Nov, 2014

Chenowith, Brunetti split

Chenowith splits from her boyfriend, Fifty Shades of Grey producer Dana Brunetti, after one year of dating. Source:

It was just the distance. Dana’s career is jetting off right now, and Kristin travelled a lot already, and they just barely had time to see each other. He’s producing House Of Cards now, speaking at conferences, and has to see his kid as well. Just didn’t make sense for either party to continue.

16 Jul, 2009

Emmy nomination


Chenoweth is nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awards for portraying Olive Snook on Pushing Daisies.

It does feel like a wonderful curtain call, now that the show is over. I think what it will be remembered for in history is the idea of bringing back a person and then making the decision if they live or die. And just the look of it … it was like watching a mini-movie every week, and what I hear all the time from people on the street is how much they miss it and how much heart the show had. And I think that is something that is missing in some of today’s shows.

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