Lee Fields

Emma Jean

1 Jan, 1970

Emma JeanFields releases his new album on Truth & Soul Records, featuring the Auerbach-written track “Paralyzed”. A portion of the album is also mixed at Auerbach’s Nashville studio. Fields says:

…I wasn’t at Dan Auerbach’s studio, but Leon was there. Leon Michels went down to Nashville. He’s been working with Dan for quite a few years. He went to Dan’s studio and worked on the Leon Russell song, background and stuff. He made a beautiful choice to go down there and mix the tracks and put down different flavors in Dan’s studio, because it gave us a whole other dimension. It was a beautiful thing, and I’d like to give a BIG shout-out to Dan Auerbach for taking his talent and sharing it with us on those two songs. So amazing, and he wrote a song for me as well, “Paralyzed.” Dan is a great guy, man. Thanks for helping us out!

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