Hosts Chicago comedy film festival

McKay hosts the opening program of the fourth annual Chicago Short Comedy Video and Film Festival at the Biograph theater. The program includes a screening of 16 shorts, including two of McKay’s. The Procedure stars Dafoe, Ferrell, and Richter in a story focusing on surgical implants, while Five Finger Discount stars McKay and Shannon as […]

Becomes SNL head writer

McKay becomes head writer on the SNL staff. During this time, he and Ferrell create the recurring “Bill Brasky” sketches, which also feature Goodman and Baldwin. We got this through simply because the first one did work really well, and everyone was going, “Are these hit characters?” But then, it was far too strange to […]

Moves to Chicago

McKay drops out of Temple University and moves to Chicago after discovering improv. I dropped out of college, sold my comic-book collection, bought a 1976 Chrysler New Yorker that was actually a dead man’s car, and set out to do anything I wanted. It’s almost a Johnny Cash song, but I was looking to do […]

Upright Citizens Brigade

The troupe emerges in Chicago as a collective of members from other improv and sketch performance groups. Founding members include Besser, Farahnakian, McKay, Roberts, Sanz, and Walsh. McKay says: The first UCB show we ever did was called Virtual Reality. We would pluck someone out of the audience, and they would go with me and […]

EVP McKinnon sells shares

EVP McKinnon sells 1,801 shares at an average price of $145 each. The sale is disclosed in a filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission.

The Rosary Murders

The film follows a priest as he tracks down a serial killer targeting clergy. The movie is co-written by Elmore Leonard, stars Sutherland, and is filmed in Detroit. White appears in the film as an altar boy. The Rosary Murders TrailerWatch this video on YouTube

Sign with Alive Records

The Black Keys mails demos out to a number of record labels. Boissel signs the band and offers to release their first full-length. When asked Patrick Boissel at Alive Records response: I received the demo in the mail. I think I later got an email from Dan mentioning Dr Ross, I thought it was cool. […]

Third best album of 2003

TIME chooses Thickfreakness as its third best album of 2003: While the blues were being embalmed over on PBS, this twenty-something Akron white-boy duo released a great, contemporary blues album — to absolutely no acclaim. The Keys may pillage the occasional Stevie Ray Vaughn or Hendrix lick, but they’re not playing the blues to be […]

Plays single-note concert

The band ends its Canadian tour with a single-note ‘concert’ in St. John’s. The band plays one note before announcing it has now played in every province and territory in Canada. The band plays a full-length concert that evening at Mile One Stadium. White Stripes – One Note Show (St. John's)Watch this video on YouTube

Under Great White Northern Lights

Under Great White Northern Lights

The band releases a live album and tour film of its 2007 Canadian performances. Malloy directs the film, mixing black-and-white and color footage. The director says: I think the reason why the film’s as personal and intimate as it is, is because there was no thought of making a film. Jack was telling me about […]

Cancels UK tour

The band cancels its UK tour due to Meg’s acute anxiety problems. The tour is planned as their largest UK tour yet, starting in Glasgow on October 24 and ending in London on November 2. We hate to let people down and are very sorry.

Secret London show

White performs a secret “medical-themed” London show in association with the Punchdrunk theatre company, in which attendees are asked to wear surgical masks and sign away their rights and organs. The attendees then enter different treatment rooms and record their responses to different songs. White performs a short set to conclude the show, ending with […]

Buzzkill(er) announcement

Two tracks–Buzzkill(er) and It’s Just Too Bad–and are announced as an upcoming single in White’s Third Man Records Vault series. The songs are part of Vault Package #21, which also includes The White Stripes’ Live Under the Lights of the Rising Sun LP.

Responds to claims

Guinness says the White Stripes were acknowledged as record-holders for shortest concert in the 2009 edition, but have since scrapped the category. Subsequent to this appearance we received a large volume of applications from bands and performers seeking to beat this record. The ultimate results of this was individuals claiming that simply appearing onstage was […]

Claims Guinness denied world record

White claims the Guinness Book of World Records denied The White Stripes’ record for shortest concert in history for its 2007 show. The thing is, though, that the Guinness book is a very elitist organisation. There’s nothing scientific about what they do. They just have an office full of people who decide what a record […]

Releases single via balloon

White releases 1,000 copies of his single Freedom at 21 attached to helium balloons through Third Man Records. The label uses biodegradable latex balloons and all-natural twine. Accompanying the balloons were custom postcards with instructions for the finders to submit photos, discovery location and the date on which the record was found. All of which […]

Brawls with Stollsteimer

White is involved in a barfight with Stollsteimer at the Magic Stick club in Detroit. Stollsteimer receives a bloody nose and bruises to his right eye, while White receives cuts on his left hand. The altercation takes place during a record release party for Blanche. A spokesman for the Von Bondies says: White approached Stollsteimer […]

$200K National Recording Preservation Foundation donation

White donates $200,000 to help launch the National Recording Preservation Foundation. The donation allows the foundation to start awarding grants and debut its National Recording Preservation Plan. Chairman Brylawski: With its national plan, the Library of Congress has laid the groundwork for the long-term preservation of our audio history but the challenges to achieving this […]

The Dead Weather

White debuts his new band in a private show at the opening of Third Man Records’ downtown offices. White plays drums with Mosshart singing, Lawrence on bass, and Fertita on guitar. The band’s beginnings can be traced back to the Kills/Raconteurs tour where White asked Mosshart to fill in on lead vocals. It reenergized the […]

Steady, As She Goes

Steady As She Goes

The Raconteurs release their debut double-A-side single in the UK as a limited 7″. The track is paired with Store Bought Bones. The track reaches the No. 4 spot in the UK singles chart. The Malloys direct an official music video for the track. Steady, As She GoesWatch this video on YouTube

Ranked 17th in ‘100 Greatest Guitarists’

In a special issue of Rolling Stone dedicated to the 100 most influential rock guitarists, Fricke names White at 17: White has become the hottest new thing on six strings by celebrating the oldest tricks in the book: distortion, feedback, plantation blues, the 1960s-Michigan riff terrorism of the Stooges and the MC5. Onstage, decked out […]



White releases his second album on the Third Man Records label (distributed through Columbia Records). The album sells 138,000 copies in its first week to claim the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200. The vinyl release also sets the record for largest sales week for a vinyl album since tracking began in 1991. The […]

Football venues confirmed

Organizers confirm the football venues for the Games located around the country, including Arena Corinthians (Sao Paulo), Maracana (Rio de Janeiro),  Arena Fonte Nova (Salvador), Mane Garrincha (Brasilia), and Mineirao stadium (Belo Horizonte). All stadiums are also venues for the 2014 World Cup.

International Trade Pavilion design

KREOD Architectures unveils designs of a 1,200 sq. m.International Trade Pavilion to be displayed in the Barra da Tijuca during the Games. The Pavilion is meant to look like a ship when seen from head-on and will be located on a tear-shaped platform. The Pavilion design is 20 times larger than the one KREOD designed […]

McKay, Piven marry

McKay and Piven marry. Piven says their politics are a large part of her relationship with Adam: He has always been very outspoken politically—he blogs for Huffington Post and is active on Twitter as a political/comic animal. We share many of the same poltical points of view…

Additional ‘Ant-Man’ writers

Writing duo Ferrari and Barrer are hired to rewrite Adam McKay’s revised script for the film. The pair will serve as production writers based at the Atlanta set.

MicroTimes Man of the Year

Andreessen is selected as Man of the Year in the Silicon Valley-focused magazine. The interviewer focuses on Mosaic’s development and Andreessen’s reasoning behind its rapid adoption: It was fun and easy to use. People could pull it down (from the Net), install it, and boom, it worked…The other part was, and this gets back to […]

Not sorry for Tweetstorms

Andreessen says that he wants to remain inclusive on Twitter, but doesn’t apologize for his unique use of the platform. I am a true believer…I think we have a fantastic story to tell out here. I don’t think the negative story should go unchallenged.

Open letter to Andreessen

Payne posts an open letter to Andreessen following one of the VC’s ‘tweetstorms’ supporting robots. Payne admits to being an early fan of Andreessen’s work, but disagrees with his recent viewpoints: You seem to think everyone’s worried about robots. But what everyone’s worried about is you, Marc. Not just you, but people like you. Robots […]

Defends Facebook mood experiment

In response to the revelation that Facebook attempted to manipulate user moods, Andreessen tweets: Run a web site, measure anything, make any changes based on measurements? Congratulations, you're running a psychology experiment! — Marc Andreessen (@pmarca) June 28, 2014 Andreessen says that this type of testing helps improve websites.

Bieber Grammy comments

When asked whether Bieber should feel snubbed by his lack of Grammy nominations, Carney tells TMZ: He’s rich, right?…Grammys are for like music, not for money…and he’s making a lot of money. He should be happy.

Twitter response to Carney

In response to Carney’s comments, Bieber tweets: the black keys drummer should be slapped around haha — Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) February 12, 2013

Changes Twitter name to Justin Bieber

Carney changes his Twitter name to Justin Bieber and begins tweeting as the singer: There is no patrick. i am justin now. RT @DeannaLorena: @patrickcarney Can we please have Patrick back? — Patrick Carney (@patrickcarney) February 17, 2013 Carney also tweets a “new bieber track world premier”, linking to Devo’s track Recombo DNA (demo). The drummer […]

Calls Bieber “f*cking irresponsible *sshole’

In a Rolling Stone interview, Carney comments on his earlier feud with Bieber: Justin Bieber, like a f*cking irresponsible asshole, sicced 40 million Twitter followers on me because I paid him a compliment he didn’t understand. I’m saying that he should be grateful that he has a f*cking career in music. And he shouldn’t be […]

Carney, Ward marry

Carney and Ward marry in a ceremony in the backyard of their Nashville home. Over 350 guests are in attendance, including Auerbach and athlete Shaun White. The ceremony is officiated by comedian Forte. The couple includes their Irish wolfhound Charlotte in the ceremony, and the bride walks down the aisle to Crimson and Clover by […]

Move to Nashville

Auerbach and Carney move to Nashville, TN., from Akron, OH. Nashville was one of several finalists under consideration before the bandmates bought homes there. Honestly, if Miami had given Pat and I the amount of money they gave LeBron, we would be living in Miami right now.

LP 1 (SSM)


The Detroit-based garage-punk supergroup releases its debut full-length album on Shmosz Records in a limited CD run of 500. The album is produced and engineered by Auerbach (whose band The Black Keys tours with SSM in the fall). Auerbach is a featured guitarist on track Dinosaur. SSM "Dinosaur" ft. Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys […]

Carney, Grollmus marry

Carney and Grollmus marry after Carney proposes in Chicago during a The Black Keys tour: He opened a bottle of champagne, while I lit a cigarette. He tried to get into a kneeling position, but, at 6-foot-4 inches, he was too tall to do it gracefully. Finally, he gave up, pulled a vintage diamond ring […]

Carney, Grollmus begin dating

Carney and Grollmus begin dating. The pair start a short-lived band, Churchbuilder, which opens for Mary Timony at a campus show. Grollmus says: …we soon realized the limitations of my musical skills. For me, singing and playing keyboards proved as challenging as discrete math. Our little duo wouldn’t be able to pull it off without […]

Carney, Grollmus divorce

Carney asks Grollmus for a divorce while she is in Poland for a book research trip. Carney tells Grollmus to take anything they received as a wedding present. The pair also divides up their record collection. In the end, when it came to dividing our 500 records, we didn’t really fight. He told me to […]

Break Your Arm for Evolution

Break Your Arm for Evolution

SSM releases a follow-up full-length on the Alive label (distributed through Bomp Records). The album is produced by Auerbach. John Szymanski says the project allows its members to embrace more experimental material: I always thought that Marty’s guitar playing really went with what I did on keyboard. Dave (Shettler) was really the first guy who […]

All or Nothin’

All or Nothin'

Lane releases her sophomore album on New West Records. The album is produced by Auerbach and includes an acoustic duet with the Black Keys frontman, Love’s on Fire. The two met at Lane’s pop-up vintage clothing stall High Class Hillbilly and recorded at Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound: During the first round of recordings, I was […]

Launch Open’er Festival

The band headlines the Open’er festival with a 90-minute set. Auerbach says the crowd has “ten times the energy” of Glastonbury and tells the audience: …this is our first time here, we heard about you, they said you were wild. This marks the first time the band has performed in Poland.

Emma Jean

Emma Jean

Fields releases his new album on Truth & Soul Records, featuring the Auerbach-written track “Paralyzed”. A portion of the album is also mixed at Auerbach’s Nashville studio. Fields says: …I wasn’t at Dan Auerbach’s studio, but Leon was there. Leon Michels went down to Nashville. He’s been working with Dan for quite a few years. […]

High school bands

In high school, Carney performs in a number of high school bands, including The Deprogrammers and Christopher Whispers. Friend Philip Swift says: The Deprogrammers was me, Pat, Gabe and Steve and it was supposed to be this sort of like bizarre weird jazz idea with a whole back story of the band built into it. […]

The Fast Five

Auerbach tours with newly-formed band The Fast Five, which includes members of Texas band Hacienda and Patrick Hallahan of My Morning Jacket. Dante of Hacienda recalls: The Dan Auerbach and The Fast Five thing was amazing!  You’d have to ask Dan what he was thinking when it came to that tour.  You see, we had […]

Dan Auerbach

Dan Auerbach is a Grammy-award-winning multi-instrumentalist and producer from Akron, Ohio. He is best known as one-half of the blues-rock duo The Black Keys (with Patrick Carney). Auerbach has also recorded as a solo artist and produced records by artists like Dr. John, Hacienda, and Lana Del Rey.

Patrick Carney

Patrick Carney is a musician from Akron, Ohio known as one-half of the blues-rock duo The Black Keys (with Dan Auerbach). He is also the founder of a side-project called Drummer, featuring drummers from other Ohio-based groups. Carney founded the now-defunct Audio Eagle Records and has produced albums for other artists, including The Sheepdogs and […]

Accuses Gonis of endangering daughter

Auerbach accuses estranged wife Gonis of endangering their daughter Sadie, saying his wife tried to commit suicide twice in one day: once by cutting her leg open in front of Sadie, and then by trying to burn the house down. Gonis responds by saying the leg gash was due to years of abuse in the […]