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Nov 2009

The Fast Five

Auerbach tours with newly-formed band The Fast Five, which includes members of Texas band Hacienda and Patrick Hallahan of My Morning Jacket. Dante of Hacienda recalls:

The Dan Auerbach and The Fast Five thing was amazing!  You’d have to ask Dan what he was thinking when it came to that tour.  You see, we had no idea that would ever happen.  We had heard the record as it was being made, but I don’t think Dan ever thought Keep it Hid would come out or be a big release.

That tour changed my life for sure.  I was playing more guitar than I ever had, and next thing I knew, I starting feeling like a pro.  I was meeting big time musicians, and I felt I could hold my own.  Not to mention the crowds were great.  I had never experienced walking on to a stage and everybody already dug you.  For so long I was used to walking on stage and the audience has their arms folded yelling “prove it to me!”

12 Mar, 2009

The Dead Weather

White debuts his new band in a private show at the opening of Third Man Records’ downtown offices. White plays drums with Mosshart singing, Lawrence on bass, and Fertita on guitar. The band’s beginnings can be traced back to the Kills/Raconteurs tour where White asked Mosshart to fill in on lead vocals.

It reenergized the tour…We had one day off in Nashville where [Mosshart] had spent the night and the next day she would fly out. So the three of us [White, Mosshart and Lawrence] said, ‘Why don’t we record a 7-inch?’…Dean just happened to be spending the night in one of the ante rooms [in my house].


The Slow Readers Club formed

Omerta disbands. Aaron Starkie, Neil Turvin and James Ryan form The Slow Readers Club. Kurtis Starkie, Aaron’s brother joins the band. Aaron:

To cut a long story short, Omerta broke up, Neil (drummer) and Nick (guitarist) left. Me and Jim (bass) carried on, brought my brother Kurt in on guitar and worked with a few different drummers for a few months before Neil came back and The Slow Readers Club was born.

On the name:

It’s kind of our take on The Smiths – it feels outsider-ish. It’s a little bit rebellious I think. I have a very clear memory of going round secondary school, when I was leaving junior school to be orientated, and we went round all different rooms like science labs and I thought it was crazy. We came to one room which was called ‘special needs’ which is such a non-PC term these days. I thought it was curious that you could be put in a stream from that early on and SRC is our version of that. It’s a rejection of that notion.


Omerta formed

Omerta is formed when Aaron Starkie joins Neil Turvin (drums), James Ryan (bass) and Nick Moylan (lead guitar), who had met at St Matthew’s School in New Moston.

JR: When we were looking for a singer, we put an advert in the paper for “The Next Freddie Mercury” We were just taking the mick, but he replied. So we thought, right we’d better get him in to see what he’s like. And it was good.


Band formation

The band is formed  by brothers  Scott Avett (banjoist/vocalist) and  Seth Avett (guitarist/vocalist), with the addition of stand up bass player Bob Crawford. The band is originally called Nemo Back Porch Project, and is a purely acoustic combo.



High school bands

In high school, Carney performs in a number of high school bands, including The Deprogrammers and Christopher Whispers. Friend Philip Swift says:

The Deprogrammers was me, Pat, Gabe and Steve and it was supposed to be this sort of like bizarre weird jazz idea with a whole back story of the band built into it. We were these deprogrammers who would come in and deprogram people from listening to the mainstream drivel that we were hearing on the radio. I played the clarinet although I didn’t really play the clarinet I just blew on it and I think Pat played drums, Steve played guitar and Gabe played keyboards or something.

…Christopher Whispers was more of like a classic…what I like to think of as mid-90s indie-rock like Pavement or the Frank Black solo stuff. Things like that. It had lyrics and it had more of a melody to it.


Joins N’Sync

nsyncLou Pearlman, manager of boy band Back Street Boys, recruits Timberlake to join a new band in the making. N’Sync consists of Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, and Lance Bass – with Timberlake and Chasez as lead singers. The band is put together in Orlando, Florida and launched in Germany.


Forms Kozmic Blues Band

jjopTaking Andrew with her, Joplin leaves Big Brother and The Holding Company to form the Kozmic Blues Band, which includes a full horn section. Andrew recalls the reasons why he and Joplin left the Big Brother.

I’m blaming that on her, because she’s not here and can’t defend herself. [laughs] It was a really stupid decision, but she talked me into it. I wish I had been stronger and said no. She felt like some of the people in Big Brother weren’t working as hard as we were – and that was the truth. She was getting impatient. Plus, she wanted to have a soul band – she was getting into that phase. So I went with her. I was curious to see what would happen. And I liked her, too. I related to her probably better than to anyone else in the band.