Leonardo DiCaprioFilm Appearance

Blood Diamond

26 Jan, 2007

In this drama, directed by Edward Zwick, DiCaprio plays Danny Archer, a man tortured by his roots. With a strong survival instinct, he has made himself a key player in the business of conflict diamonds. Political unrest is rampant in Sierra Leone as people fight tooth for tooth. When Archer meets Solomon and the beautiful Maddy, his life changes forever as he is given a chance to make peace with the war around him. Co-starring Djimon Hounsou and Jennifer Connelly.

It was uncomfortable as an actor to portray this man in front of an African crew in locations like Mozambique where there was a tremendous amount of poverty. Mozambique is a country that is having an economic resurgence, but 4 out of 10 people supposedly have HIV or AIDS. It’s an astounding [number].

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