Leonardo DiCaprioFilm Appearance

Body of Lies

21 Nov, 2008

In this thriller, directed by Ridley Scott, DiCaprio plays CIA operative Roger Ferris who uncovers evidence indicating that a major terrorist leader may be operating out of Jordan. He enlists the aid of CIA veteran Ed Hoffman in infiltrating the elusive saboteur’s vast underground network. During the course of his dangerous mission, Ferris gradually comes to question how much he can trust his presumed allies — who include not just Hoffman, but the outwardly helpful head of Jordanian intelligence as well. Co-starring Russell Crowe and Mark Strong.

You have this character that is in a deceitful world, trying to catch the enemy that he could never trust. But it is a dirty, ugly war. He’s trying to hold on to a semblance of morality and a belief in his country while his country is letting him down, and ironically he’s starting to trust people who are – while not exactly the enemy – not the people he’s beholden to.

BODY OF LIES - Trailer

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