Leonardo DiCaprioFilm Appearance

The Aviator

6 Jan, 2005

DiCaprio plays Howard Hughes in this biopic directed by Martin Scorsese. The drama recounts the years of his life from the late 1920s through the 1940s, an epoch when Hughes was directing and producing Hollywood movies and test flying innovative aircrafts he designed and created. It also follows his descent into madness as his compulsiveness for cleanliness gives way to frequent outbursts and ticks. He turns away those closest to him, confining himself and emerging only when absolutely necessary. Co-starring Cate Blanchett and Kate Beckinsale.

[Hughes was] the first American billionaire who had all the resources in the world but was somehow unable to find any sense of peace or happiness. It’s that great see-saw act in the movie that goes on. On one side, he’s having all the successes in the world. And on the other side the tiny microbes and germs are the things that are taking him downwards, because of his OCD and being a germaphobe.

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