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Parkinson’s diagnosis

27 Aug, 2013

After struggling with symptoms of the disease for nearly eight years Ronstadt is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. She says the disease has stopped her singing:

I can’t sing a note. I knew it was mechanical. I knew it had to do with the muscles, but I thought it might have also had something to do with the tick disease that I had. And it didn’t occur to me to go to a neurologist…In fact, I couldn’t sing for the last five or six years I appeared on stage, but I kept trying. I kept thinking, ‘What if I tried singing upside down? Or standing on my head? Or while juggling? [Laughs] Maybe I’d be able to sing better then.’ So I didn’t know why I couldn’t sing — all I knew was that it was muscular, or mechanical. Then, when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I was finally given the reason.

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