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22 Jul, 2015

How To Destroy Your Cellphone

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Graham releases a video called How To Destroy Your Cellphone with Lindsey Graham, showing the senator in slow motion destroying his phone hitting it with a meat cleaver, blending it, hitting it was a baseball bat, dropping a brick on it, dropping it from a building and cooking it.

Or if all else fails, you can always give your number to the Donald. This is for all the veterans.

How to Destroy Your Cell Phone With Sen. Lindsey Graham

21 Jul, 2015

Gives out Graham’s telephone number

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After Graham calls him “The world’s biggest jackass” Trump responds by telling a South Carolina audience that Graham is a “stiff” who could never get a job in the private sector. He then reads Graham’s telephone number aloud, encouraging everyone “let’s try it.”

He doesn’t seem like a very bright guy. He actually probably seems to me not as bright as Rick Perry. I think Rick Perry probably is smarter than Lindsey Graham.

20 Jul, 2015

Call Trump a ‘jackass’

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In an interview with CNN, Graham defends McCain and criticizes Trump:

John’s my friend. He’s not a perfect person. He was tortured for five and a half years. When you ask Trump, ‘Do you know what he went through in jail?’ ‘No, it doesn’t matter.’ Yeah, it does matter. It really does matter…I don’t care if he drops out. Stay in the race, just stop being a jackass…This is the beginning of the end of Donald Trump.

Sen. Lindsey Graham: Donald Trump is a 'jackass'

22 May, 2015

‘Iranians Are Liars’

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Graham criticizes Obama for negotiating with Iran and claims that Iranians are liars in an address to Southern Republican Leadership Conference.

I ran the pool room when I was a kid and I met a lot of liars, and I know the Iranians are liars…The Iranians cheat and they lie. They are a radical regime. They want a master religion for the world; the Nazis wanted a master race.

1 Feb, 2015

Wants ground troops to fight ISIS

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In an interview to Face the Nation Graham says he wants the United States to send 10,00 ground troops to fight ISIS.

An aerial campaign will not destroy them…You’re going to need boots on the ground, not only in Iraq, but in Syria.

29 Jan, 2015

Launches presidential exploratory committee

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Graham officially launches his presidential exploratory committee named ‘Security through Strength’ to look into his prospects for 2016 presidential elections.

I’m going to take a look at the presidential primary on the Republican side. We’ll have an organization up and running today…This organization will allow people to donate money and their time and resources to see if there is a pathway forward for me.

4 Nov, 2014

Wins third term as South Carolina Senator

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Graham defeats Hutto to be elected to United States Senate from South Carolina for third time. He receives 54.3% of the votes.

I think the verdict is in. South Carolina voters think solving problems and working across party lines was not mutually exclusive to being conservative…Every election is a rebirth of democracy. I dedicate this night to all those who stand in harm’s way, making it possible for this nation to choose our leaders.