Liv Tyler

Liv Tyler interview

21 Jul, 2014

Tyler sits down to an independent interview about her role in the HBO original series The Leftovers and her return to acting.

I have been really interested in everything that’s been going on in television for the last few years, and in the back of my mind, I was looking for something in television. This was shooting in New York, where I live, and I have a son, and he’s in third grade, so shooting at home really appealed to me. And in the script, Meg was a 20-something-year-old redhead, so clearly I was perfect for the part.

I hadn’t read the book at that point, and even though there were only two scenes in the pilot script that she was in, I completely fell in love with this woman. It’s only happened to me a couple other times, but I always say, it’s sort of like falling in love – you can’t explain it, it just happens in an instant. I like the whole idea that this event happens, but the story is not about the event; it’s about human beings and their journey and their pain afterwards. I’m always very attracted to ensemble, character-driven stories, so I liked that aspect a lot too.

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