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Says European absence no big advantage

31 Oct, 2016

Klopp plays down the advantages of Liverpool’s absence from Europe this season. The side is currently level on points with Manchester City and Arsenal at the top of the Premier League table and, along with fourth-placed Chelsea, will not have to play any Champions League or Europa League football this season.

I’m not sure but 80 percent to 90 percent [of the time] in Europe, the team that is champion is playing in the Champions League. Why is that? Ah, because they have quality! Right, because they play good football, they can rotate and rest whenever. It’s not too cool when you’re not successful but when you are successful, you take it to the next game, you have a possibility to rotate and all that stuff because you have a big squad — we cannot rotate that much. It’s different things. Sometimes it is an advantage [not having Europe] but why so often does a team win the league with all these intense games in midweek? Maybe you’ll find an answer for this.

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