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Madeleine Albright

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16 May, 2012

PBS Makers interview

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Albright is interviewed for the PBS Makers series. She talks about her life and political career.

Women are very lucky in many ways, because our life does come in segments. Some of it broken up  by the time to have children, or have a career. So I think that women can do everything, they just can’t do it all at the same time.

1 Dec, 2001

O Magazine interview

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Albright talks about the impact that the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks had on the United States in an interview with O Magazine.

It makes us all realize that what we care most about is family. After such a crisis you want to just touch them—and if you can’t physically touch them, you want to at least make sure they’re all right. That gives you a sense of security. And then you think about your country: Why did this happen here? The horror of this was so unimaginable, you almost had to ask other people, Did this really happen? It was like waking up from a nightmare.