Harper’s Bazaar interview

14 Nov, 2011

Madonna gives an interview to Harper’s Bazaar¬†Magazine about her family.

Lourdes has her group of friends and she spends time with her father, who she adores. He also lives in the city, and they take the subway together. She calls it my normal life, and I know that she enjoys it. She likes going to her abuela’s house they still live in the same apartment that her father grew up in on the Upper West Side, a one-bedroom apartment. And they are really simple, humble people, and I’m so happy that she has that. My son, Rocco, is really into break-dancing. He has a crew that he dances with, and they’re kids from all over the city, Brooklyn, Queens. And my two youngest children are adopted from Malawi, and we discuss on a regular basis the orphanages they come from and the other children who didn’t get adopted, who might still be in the orphanages, or don’t even have an orphanage. We talk about the disparity in lifestyles and we all go back there. I’m doing my best to keep them grounded.

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