Maisie Williams

Kissed by Fire

28 Apr, 2013

Williams appears as Arya Stark in the fifth episode of the third season of Game of Thrones, Kissed by Fire. Joe Dempsie plays her companion Gendry. Rory McCann plays Sandor Clegane, known as the Hound, a deserter from the kingsguard. At the hideout of the renegade Brotherhood Without Banners group, The Hound appears to kill the leader of the group, Ser Berric Dondarrion, in his trial by combat. The warrior priest Thoros of Myr, played by Paul Kaye, revives Ser Berric through the power of the Lord of Light, a new religion that is gathering followers in Westeros. The Hound is declared innocent and allowed to leave. Despite Arya’s offer to join the household of the Stark noble family, Gendry tells Arya that he will remain with the Brotherhood after they deliver her to her older brother Robb in the north of Westeros. He appreciates their egalitarian ideals whereas with the Starks he would be separated by his status as a commoner.

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