Maisie Williams

The Pointy End

5 Jun, 2011

Williams appears as Arya Stark in the eighth episode of the first season of Game of Thrones, The Pointy End. Miltos Yerolemou plays her fencing master, the Braavosi swordsman Sylvio Forel. Arya is having a fencing lesson and is unaware of her father’s arrest for treason. Lannister guards appear and claim that her father has sent them, but she realizes that this is a trick. Using his wooden training sword, Sylvio is able to defeat all of but one of the guards. As he faces the last man, Arya escapes without knowing what Sylvio’s fate will be. Arya runs to the stables where Stark men were waiting to transport her to a ship traveling for Winterfell, but the men are dead. She finds her sword in the bottom of her trunk. As a stableboy attempts to accost her from behind, she accidentally impales him with the sword. Arya escapes into the dungeons of the Red Keep.

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