Maisie Williams


12 Jun, 2011

maisie-williams-arya-baelorWilliams appears as Arya Stark in the ninth episode of the first season of Game of Thrones, Baelor. Sean Bean plays her father, Lord Eddard¬† Stark while Francis MaGee plays the Night’s Watchman Yoren. After Lord Eddard’s arrest and her escape from the royal stronghold, Arya is living on the streets of King’s Landing. She sees crowds moving through the streets and is told that the Hand of the King is being brought to the Sept of Baelor, the capital’s main place of worship. Arya follows the crowd in order to catch a glimpse of her father, who is being brought to the sept in chains. Unaware of the true situation, she is rescued by Yoren and before she can witness her father’s execution.

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