Makwan AmirkhaniBurglary

Poses with burglar after knocking him out

14 Mar, 2017

Amirkhani, who is based at SBG in Dublin, says he was hanging out with his family at home in Finland when they received a report via the phone that a friend’s house had been broken into and that their young son was hiding in a closet. He runs with his brother to the house, where they split up to try to catch the burglars.

All I see, because my brother went from the other side, all I see is two guys, they looked like Russians, and they were hitting on my brother. I thought that the other guy had a knife. It wasn’t a knife, but it really looked like a knife, and I thought that they are stabbing my brother. And I said, ‘Fuck, I don’t care, they can stab me too, but I am going to help my brother’. So they hit me in my neck and it wasn’t a knife, it was something to open a door, a lock. Then, when I realised that this guy didn’t have knife, I was like, ‘He is going to die now’. All I needed was one punch and this f-cking guy was lying on the snow. Then it was all over the news, and I took one selfie and put it on my Facebook. My cousin, he ran – he had a baseball, and he said, ‘Oh, it’s over. Well, it’s a good warm-up for [UFC Fight Night London].

The second burglar is detained by police. The child is unharmed.

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