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15 Dec, 2015

Trump’s plan ‘full of hatred’

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Malala speaks in Birmingham, UK, about Trump’s plan to ban Muslims from entering the U.S.

Well, that’s really tragic that you hear these comments which are full of hatred, full of this ideology of being discriminative towards others.

She later criticises the media:

I have to say that whether it’s Western media or Eastern media, if they only blame 1.6 billion Muslims for terrorists attacks then terrorism can’t be defeated, that just leads to creating more anger in people and leads to producing more terrorists.

11 Apr, 2015

Asteroid naming

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Mainzer names Asteroid 31620, in the Main Belt between Mars and Jupiter, after Yousafzai. The offical name is 316201 Malala (2010 ML48). The object is about 2.5 miles (4km) in diameter and features an extremely dark surface, one resembling the color of printer toner. It completes a full orbit once every 5.5 years. The Asteroid was discovered in 2010. Mainzer:

It is a great honor to be able to name an asteroid after Malala. My postdoctoral fellow Dr. Carrie Nugent brought to my attention the fact that although many asteroids have been named, very few have been named to honor the contributions of women (and particularly women of color)…My advice to young girls is that science and engineering are for everyone! We desperately need the brainpower of all smart people to solve some of humanity’s most difficult problems, and we can’t afford to reject half the population’s. Plus, it is a wonderful feeling to learn about the world around you – it’s a job you will fall in love with each day.

10 Oct, 2014

Receives Nobel Peace Prize

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Yousafzai becomes the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize since it was created in 1901.

I was totally surprised when she told me, ‘Congratulations, you have won the Nobel Peace Prize, and you are sharing it with a great person who is also working for children’s rights.’

She will share the $1.1 million prize with Kailash Satyarthi, a veteran, soft-spoken activist based in New Delhi who has rescued trafficked children from slavery.

Wins Nobel Peace Prize


Yousafzai is awarded the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize for her fight against the suppression of children. Yousafzai becomes the youngest winner of the Nobel Prize at age 17. Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif:

“She is (the) pride of Pakistan, she has made her countrymen proud. Her achievement is unparalleled and unequaled. Girls and boys of the world should take lead from her struggle and commitment.

14 Jul, 2014

Meets with Nigerian President


nigerThe Pakistani schoolgirl meets with President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria in the country’s capital, Abuja. Her visit is in support of the more than 200 schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram from a school in Chibok, Nigeria on a few months ago. Over the weekend, Malala met some of the schoolgirls who were able to escape Boko Haram and the families of the missing girls, and promised to take their messages to President Jonathan. She urges President Jonathan to meet with the parents of the victims. The president says he will do so before they leave Abuja to reassure the family of the victims that the government is doing everything it can to rescue the girls. Jonathan:

Terror is relatively new here and dealing with it has its challenges. The great challenge in rescuing the Chibok girls is the need to ensure that they are rescued alive.

8 Oct, 2013

I am Malala

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autobioThe schoolgirl releases her autobiography, I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and was Shot by the Taliban. The book is co-written with Christina Lamb, a British journalist. It details the Taliban’s attack on the school bus she was riding where she was shot in the head. The book also describes the life in Swat valley, Pakistan under the rule of the Taliban. Other details about her life include her father briefly considering becoming a jihadist when he was young, and her culture shock and eventual adjustment in the way of life in England.

I was spared for a reason — to use my life for helping people.

12 Jul, 2013

UN declares Malala Day


Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declares July 12 as ‘Malala Day’ in honor of the Pakistani schoolgirl’s stand to ensure  education for all. Malala celebrates her 16th birthday by giving her address in the UN Youth Assembly, attended by nearly 1,000 youth leaders. In the gathering, the schoolgirl says that the attack on her by the Taliban nine months ago made her stronger and braver. She urges worldwide action against illiteracy, terrorism, and poverty.

The extremists were, and they are, afraid of books and pens. The power of education frightens them. They are afraid of women. Let us pick up our books and pens. They are our most powerful weapons.  One teacher, one book, one pen, can change the world.

Malala Yousafzai addresses United Nations Youth Assembly

9 Oct, 2012

Shoots Malala Yousafzai


Malala Yousafzai treated by army doctorsThe militant group shoots Yousafzai in a school bus in Swat Valley, Pakistan. According to the police, the bus was preparing to drive students home after their morning classes, when a member of the Taliban boarded the bus in search of Yousafzai. Ehsanullah Ehsan, a spokesman for the Taliban, claims responsibility for the shooting on behalf of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), an offshoot of the Taliban movement. The TTP is known for restricting women’s freedom and education. He defends,

She was pro-west, she was speaking against Taliban and she was calling President Obama her ideal leader. She was young but she was promoting western culture in Pashtun areas.