Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

Searchers find 196 bodies

20 Jul, 2014

Ukrainian workers with The State Emergency Service find 196 bodies at the crash site. Official staff  are taking part in the search for the remains of the 298 people who were on board MH17, covering an area stretching across 34 square kilometers (13 square miles). There are 380 staff involved in the search. They are being assisted by coal miners from the area. International observers tell CNN that bodies that have been removed from the site are stored on refrigerated train cars at a nearby train station. Observers from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe  (OSCE) say they can’t independently confirm that. The 14-member OSCE team says the train will remain in place until international specialists arrive, and it is not clear when that would be or where the train might take the bodies. They also say it is hard to obtain definitive information because pro-Russian rebels are in charge of the checkpoints leading to the site. A spokesperson for OSCE tells CNN:

There doesn’t seem to be one commander in charge.

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