Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

Separatists release black boxes, bodies

21 Jul, 2014

Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine reach an agreement with Malaysia to surrender the flight recorder boxes and allow the bodies of the victims to be taken from the crash site by train. Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak says a commander of the separatist forces in the city of Donetsk ordered the bodies to be taken by train to Kharkiv, a city held by the Ukrainian government. Six Malaysian representatives oversee the transfer of the bodies in Kharkiv to the custody of the Netherlands. So far, 282 bodies have been found and loaded onto the train, as well as dozens of body parts from as many as 16 other victims. Officials now believe they have recovered most of the remains of the passengers and crew from the Boeing 777.  From Kharkiv, the bodies will be flown to Amsterdam. The  black boxes are handed over in Donetsk.


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