DigitalGlobeMalaysia Airlines Flight MH370

2.3m people search satellite images

14 Mar, 2014

2.3 million people around the world search over 24,000 square kilometers of satellite imagery on Tomnod, a site run by DigitalGlobe, a commercial satellite company. After the disappearance,  the company moved two of its five satellites to scrutinize the Gulf of Thailand. Since then the satellites have been moved west. Searchers “tag” the satellite images if they find signs of wreckage, oil slicks, life rafts, or anything “suspicious.” Even though Tomnod says that every pixel of its imagery has been examined at least 30 times nothing of note has been found. One online searcher says:

I’ve found many things: oil rigs, powered boats, fishing trawlers, a couple of helicopters and a whole heap of things that I have tagged but have no idea what they are. … I would like to think that some of things I have tagged can lead to them finding the plane; it has to be somewhere. It is a needle in a massive haystack.

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