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Marc AndreessenInterview

New York interview

19 Oct, 2014

In a wide-ranging and detailed interview with New York magazine, Andreessen talks about Silcon Valley culture, discrimination, his favorite TV shoe (Deadwood), and the ideal of meritocracy:

I believe the ideal is compromised by two things right now: One is educational skills development, and the other is access. This is the critique that I think is actually the most interesting, which is, yeah, the meritocracy works if you know the right people, if you have access to the networks. How do venture capitalists make investment decisions? Well, we get referrals based on people we already know. Well, what if you’re somebody who doesn’t already know anybody, right? What if you don’t know the recruiter at Facebook so you can’t get the job? What if you don’t know the venture capitalist so you can’t raise funding? We think access is broadening out the network so that everybody who could contribute can get access to the network. And that’s the one that we’re working on.

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